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What Came Before Gallery on Gazebo?

A Gallery of Art in downtown Johnstown is not a new idea.  The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art had a satellite museum on Main Street in 1980-90’s. It was a gathering place where people freely came to see exhibits, for lunch ala Art, demonstrations, lectures, etc.  It was a jewel in the midst of a Downtown that was recreating itself, thanks to the infusion of government monies following the Flood of 1977.  The reconstruction included a new streetscape, historic preservation, striking new buildings, apartments and commerce.  People poured out of the office buildings and streamed into town to patronize the stores, restaurants and entertainment centers.

The next decade brought a devastating loss of jobs.  A downturned economy changed not just the appearance, but also the posture of Downtown.  Its head was no longer held high. The museum satellite  moved up the hill.

Fast forward to 2015.  You still see a community where good things are happening, and with good leadership, but everyone was moving in different directions.

With support from DCED, Johnstown Area Regional Industries, the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies and other organizations, Carnegie Mellon’s Remaking Cities Institute was commissioned to construct a plan for Johnstown’s revitalization.

The CMU plan gave birth to Vision 2025, a framework based upon an open, collaborative, and community driven approach.  At the helm of 2025 are Wally Burbach and Ryan Kieta. They regularly meet with any and every caring community member involved with more than a dozen Capture teams.

The Central Park Square Capture Team is committed to promoting and creating venues and businesses of interest to attract people to come downtown… and stay downtown.  This team is the umbrella for this special project:  Gallery on Gazebo.  

Gallery on Gazebo at 140 Gazebo Place takes on a new, if not a better life.  Its intent is to be a gathering space where people can come to view and learn about exhibits, see demonstrations, have guided tours, buy art objects, meet artists and also access information on other arts and entertainment events in the region. The activities and programs will be ever-changing.

In the same space is the Tea Shoppe, a great crowd catcher and pleaser, where individuals can catch up, schedule meetings, work or talk over an excellent cup of soothing tea.

It should be said here that the Gallery is a not-for–profit, a Partner Fund at the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies, and the Tea Shoppe is a for-profit.  Both entities are free and open to the public.  There is no doubt, it is a formidable combination.  It is an enviable location with an outdoor piazza space contiguous with Penn Highlands Community College’s new site.  Students, shoppers, gawkers, concert goers, Framers’ market customers or just people watchers will make up the audience.


Mission and Vision: 

Business Plan:   For-profit 

 Mission:  The Tea Shoppe at Gallery on Gazebo is a welcoming and gathering space for citizens to meet, refresh, and enjoy the ambiance and opportunities of Downtown. 

 Vision: For the Tea Shoppe at Gallery on Gazebo to be  a treasury of information about the world’s oldest beverage, and  the purveyor of the Art of Tea Service 


 Business Plan for Not-for-profit 

 Mission:    Gallery on Gazebo strives to illuminate lives by offering exhibits and programs that engage, inspire and educate. 

 Vision of Gallery on Gazebo is to become a destination point for diverse audiences to appreciate the Arts and develop an appetite for learning and social dialogue.   



We are located in Downtown Johnstown, right across the street from the gazebo itself. Our address is 140 Gazebo Park, Johnstown 15901.



Parking for Gallery on Gazebo can be located on any of the side streets surrounding Central park; ie Gazebo Park, Locust street, Main Street, and Franklin Street.

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